If I Have 5,000 Pesos Which Is Better Buy And Sell or Stock Market?

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If I Have 5,000 Pesos Which Is Better Buy and Sell or Stock Market?

Written Article: Christopher Torralba ( Vendor )


Good day to everyone!  I just want to share some ideas what you can do if you have a 5,000 pesos and which place is better to trade this amount isn’t Buy and Sell or Invest it in the stock market?


Well since I’m still a newbie in stock market in my personal opinion and self-experience you cannot double your 5,000 pesos in the stock market if you are newbie but some stock market traders can, as long as the stock they bought are bullish but if you are not yet familiar in stock market or you don’t have any idea about investing on it much better to start it in Buy and Sell.


I will give you some short story how I make my 5,000 double in just a few months I am not telling you that I guarantee but I just want to share maybe it makes sense to you.


I work as a Seafarer in tanker vessels  in worldwide trade route since I have my online store on my facebook  I have an idea how can I make profit a little bit more when I ‘m on-board I just started in less than 5,000 pesos around 3,000 pesos I bought some items or small gadgets that I can Resell on-board the vessel and I know our ship’s slop chest manager doesn’t offer some gadget items like USB, memory card , external hard drive and etc.


So I started to bought some items and some of those are small pieces that I know seafarers typically forgot to bring so let’s say  I bought some items around less than 5,000 pesos when I sold it already my money becomes double the advantage of this is simple you provide the stuff that they typically forget to bring or the thing that they did not make it to bring because of very fast dispatch of the crew to join the vessel so some items might be forgotten and that is the opportunity to make some money,..


” providing my colleagues needs ”


Base on my one year experience these is the advantage of Buy and Sell on-board the vessel but it’s not limited in my situation you can make a buy and sell to your community that you know you can provide solution to their needs.


Your small capital is not at loss when you bought some item you just simply exchange your money with an item for you to Resell it with a little bit profit.

  1. If some items are not sold you can sold it next time, the item that you sold is the item that you will bought again for you to grow your small capital for just 5,000 pesos alone.
  2. It’s easy to resell your item on board because if  you bring the item which your colleagues forgot to bring definitely they will not hesitate to buy your item.
  3. If they forgot some items like “nail cutter” do you think they will go ashore and pay taxi for 20 dollars just to buy a nail cutter? I don’t think so but if you will sell it for 1- 2 dollars it is easy for you to take advantage of it specially if you bought the nail cutter for just 20 pesos in the Philippines.
  4. You don’t need to sell your item like the style of business man in Suez canal in Egypt you just simply picture your item and print it provided with the price list and leave it in TV room and let the crew alone surf on your provided brochure of the item that you are selling and if they know you are selling something they are the one who will knock on your cabin door.


Simple accounting of Buy and sell:

  1. capital: 5,000 pesos
  2. First item to sell ex: power bank

power bank price: 1,000 pesos

resell it for 1,400 pesos

  1. total capital: 5,400  pesos already
  2. less your fare from buying it from your supplier
  3. how much more if you sold all your items that cost around 5,000 pesos

This is just one item alone what if you bought this 5,000 pesos and you sold it all,


I know your small capital can make it double and I knew it  because I experience it already but gadgets is one of the example what item you can sell on-board or even onshore it depends on your stuff that you like to sell.


So we will go in stocks what if  I will put my 5,000 pesos in the stock market?


As I’ve said if you will put your 5,000 pesos in stock market your gain or profit is depend on the situation if you are just an investor what you need is time for it to grow but it depends if you invest peso cost averaging  meaning you put certain amount monthly and consistently this 5,000 will need enough time to grow itself, if you bought some stocks and you’re lucky that your stock  grows around 10 % within 3 months it’s just only 5,500 pesos not including the tax of buying and selling if you  bought a stock for an amount of 5,000 pesos when it became a stock it is not 5,000 anymore it is less than 5,000 pesos because of the tax in buying and if you have this 10 % gain in your stock and if you decide to sell it you also have a tax for selling it.


So in my own opinion though I’m just a newbie and I knew to my self much better to trade it in buy and sell as long as you have selling skills and you do have your market where to sell your item or goods, but if you don’t have any skills in selling definitely much better to put your 5,000 pesos in stock market or mutual fund if you know mutual fund rather than bank alone that gives less than 1 % guaranteed interest.



Here is the thing when you put your 5,000 pesos in the bank your banker will invest it in some investment vehicle preferably stock market! if they earn 10 % of your 5,000 meaning they have 500 pesos but what they will give to your bank account is less that 1% guaranteed interest so let’s say this 9 % profit will go on your bankers pocket that is the simple thing that banks do and I know it because one of my college friend is a bank teller.


So why you will stay all your money in bank alone? why put some of it in some investments that can give a little bit higher than the bank performs.


So let’s go back to our small business!


So that’s why have you seen in facebook how many Filipinos make some business through buy and sell? do think they will waste their time in posting their items if they did not experience to make money online?


If  buy and sell does not work no one will spend their time selling their items online.


But in the end if you have a small capital it’s your own jurisdiction where to put it and where do you think it can grow faster and little bit safer.


I am not an expert I’m just a newbie in Investing and in Buy and Sell but it really make sense to my small amount of money that I saw it grows day after day.


Question: What are the advantage and disadvantage of both?


Buy and Sell:  Is much faster to multiply your money rather than stock market if!  you will start just around 5,000 pesos and likewise it is an active income meaning if you won’t move you will not earn.


Stock Market:  If you put your 5,000 pesos it will make a profit in the long run but not as Buy and Sell performs, but here in stock market investing you don’t need to work for it because you just need to fund your account in your stock broker buy a stock  and wait your stock price goes up until you may have a profit and sell if you are satisfied with the gains.



Let’s say you start with 5,000 pesos after one year you make it double it is already 10,000 pesos

what if you start 10,20,30 or even 50,000 pesos and you double it and it depends on the years that you trade it in Buy and Sell if your money doubled already that is the perfect time you can invest it in the stock market because you need to remain some amount for your capital when you do a Buy and Sell, year after a year if your profit make’s double put it again in stocks so while your Buy and Sell small business grows likewise your stock market investment work’s alone while you are in buy and sell.


Take note and don’t forget! before you travel in stock market trading make sure you have some ideas, knowledge and understanding much better to attend stock market seminar or you can read some books or you can search it on the internet so you may understand how does it works..
I hope you learn something interesting today! God bless,


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