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Hi! This is Christopher and I am here together with my family to share again  our new adventure and mission of cecventures.
The desire to share some of our blessing that came from God through public charities such as giving snacks to the street children in metro manila.
What a wonderful desire that me and my wife became united in this enjoyable and honourable journey to share some of our resources.
I know this situation is not new to everyone specially to the Filipinos
how many street children in the many places on the streets asking of some money for them to buy their food? and yet some of us knew that if we will gave them a money it will be given to their big boss such as syndicate person behind it.
Many years I observe that every time I encounter them I did not gave them a money at all neither any food, but the time came that I learned the deep meaning of having your own charity or any community service to your own place.
And one day I ask my wife and I tell her about my desire to gave to the street children, and she amazed me with her answer! my tells me,..
” You know what that is also one of my dream and goals to have a charity”
So after that we separate our savings from our skip expenses such as buying chocolates from my relatives instead I will save it and I will buy some snacks for this children.
By the way this is the blog that I have maiden before we proceed in this community service.
I wrote it and the title is ” Goodbye Chocolates “
here is the link so you can read it:
” Goodbye Chocolates “
good bye chocolate copy
The amount that we have saved for not buying chocolates for our relatives gives us the opportunity to give and start our community service.
I know this is just a start of this big journey!
Why we are telling this to everyone? everyone should have a mission in our hearts that can be manifest through action and here it is.
I challenged everyone of you if you have any resources that you know you can share, share it to other people specially who are in need.
God given you a lot of resources not just for you alone but also to become a bridge to other people for you to share it with.
God is pleased with your prayers and works of charity.
Acts 10: 4
I just wanna show you some pictures on our preparations and as we do this community service to this street children.






This charity works is not new but for me and my family is an honour to have this kind of activities.
I can buy a new stuff of mine such as a new smart phone, laptop or whatsoever my heart desires, but my heart of giving goes to a different level of understanding why God always provide for me?
Why God never leaves me an empty pocket since I became a seafarer?
The answer is the story behind it.
I hope you may start also doing the same and finding your deep purpose of why God never leave us empty pocket.
Some of you may have a compassion the same as we have felt in our hearts. and I know you wanna share some of your resources in this kind of activities such as this.
Come and join us!!!
If you have a heart of a giver you may join us on our starting mission and as I have said this is just the starting point of making it big in the future. and reaching  more children in poverty.
If you are interested in this kind of charity you may contact us at the following or if you have any comments and suggestions:
Facebook: https: Christopher Joseph Torralba 
Facebook Page: C.E.C ventures
Contact Numbers: 639495879340 / 639183134989
Paypal Account / For Donations : & Christopher Torralba
Official website:
I hope you may find the purpose of having enough resources for you and your family and to find your own mission in the future!
See you next time!


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