About Us


To establish a well informed Filipinos, OFW’s, Seafarers and their families in financial education with the help of our digital courses online.

Which they can take advantage the technology on the internet by using their own device like smartphone, tablets, personal laptop or computers.


To teach every individual the step by step system easily and not the boring way of how they can start building their own personal finance and finally start to multiply their hard earned income in their respective jobs.


cecventures is an educational website where we create information topics about personal finance, investment opportunities and what income multiplier they can choose to start it with.

cecventures is founded by Christopher Joseph Torralba, an OFW, and Seafarer in profession author of Financial Compass for Pinoys and other video training courses like stock market investing, financial planning & information business that’s why he became an Online Entrepreneur.

This is the website where they can learn from financial insights that we showcase time to time.

We help fellow  Filipinos, OFW’s and seafarers to be financially educated so that what they have worked for many years will not go into waste. we value your hard work that’s why everyone deserves to enjoy a life without worrying too much about money because we teach here to plan on your finances.

It’s main goal is to provide, knowledge and easily accessible training materials wherever they are with the help of internet technology.

And finally, he understood the purpose of money why we are working so hard, why we need to be financially educated why we need to save why we need to invest and why we need to grow our resources thru income multipliers.

His ambition to share his practical advice from handling money that came from many practical ways.








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