Christmas Gift for seafarer’s???

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Christmas Gift For Seafarer’s ???

 Hi! this is Christopher!
Founder of:
And I am a seafarer like you, This Christmas season I am thinking how many family and relatives who gave me a gift from the past Christmas season.
Some gifts are good some gifts are not so good because some gift like shirt is not in my size, and I am so shock! because the gift was useless so I decide to gave it away to other people who is more in need rather than me.
So after a long brain storming on my last vessel I decide to create a gift for my fellow seafarer, and I am don’t want to boast but I feel to myself that this is one of the best gift that I can gave to my fellow seafarer’s worldwide.
Whether you are onboard or in vacation you can have my Gift this Christmas.
Q:So what is the gift?
A: My gift to you is an eBook that I created for seafarer’s alone and I named it:

A Seafarer’s Financial Compass

How To multiply Your Income While You Are Still a Seafarer


I created this eBook because learned a lot of things of becoming a seafarer like you.
This FREE Gift of mine is precious because I invest time to create this information inside the eBook.
So I hope you will learn about what I am about to share with you.
How many family, friends and even our own company gave a precious gift to us a seafarer on their fleet for a long time?
does a piece of watch deserve a 10 – 15 years of sea service?
You know what I mean. my book is more precious than a piece of watch.
So don’t hesitate to grab my FREE eBook.
Q: Where can I get the Free eBook?
A: Please go to my official website:
and I promised you this is one of the best gift you may receive as a seafarer for a very long time you are serving as a seafarer.
I hope you will appreciate this eBook and please share it to your fellow seafarer’s out there.
God bless to everyone, keep a safe sailing!
To Your New Journey!
Christopher Torralba
Founder of:



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