Christmas Bonus Tips!

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Christmas Bonus Tips!


Hi There this is Christopher Founder of and once again I wrote another blog of mine just yesterday which is usually based normally in my daily learning and what I have learned from many people, I hope you can get some tip’s this coming Christmas Season.


  1. Gift:

In selecting your Christmas gift try find out the personality of the person you want to gave a gift that will fit to them, buy a cheaper stuff and yet usable. because what is the point of giving expensive gift if they cannot use the gift or they have already  what you have given.

Try to buy in cheaper market such as Divisoria that absolutely you can have a discount. But if you want to buy here make sure you have enough energy for the whole day because you need to surf at least some stores or sellers for you to make sure you bought the cheaper price before you bought something.


  1. Going Online Stores:

Try to buy in online stores specially if the owner is your friend. because it is less effort because you can choose the item you want in just a matter of looking it in your PC screen or in your smart phone.


  1. Making List:

Prepare your list of items that you need to buy, Plan how much budget for the gifts and other expenses this Christmas season.


  1. Manage your Debt first:

Before you spend first and enjoy your shopping time, make sure you already paid your debt, because financial freedom does not consist of having your budget this Christmas season what matter is you are Debt Free though you don’t have a new clothes it is much important that you don’t have a Debt this Christmas Season!


  1. Christmas Bonus:

If you have a Christmas bonus one of the best way is to divide it in savings and later you can invest it in some investment instrument such as stock market and mutual fund the other portion can be use in your Christmas budget since normally Filipinos Plan their budget in Christmas season after they received their Christmas bonus. But Don’t let your Christmas bonus decide where they wanted to go, you work hard for that so you are the one who will dictate them where they can go profitably and likewise they can feed your needs This Christmas Season.


  1. de clutter

de clutter is also needed before you shop for your new stuff, Sort all your stuff from shirt, to pants up to your footwear, I know some of you have a lot of stuff that you don’t need to use it anymore if it’s still possible to use by others  give it away to the people who possible can use your stuff.. so your cabinet will have a new space when you shop this Christmas season.

Some said if within 1 year you don’t use that stuff that you have in your closet the next year there is a big possibility that you will not use it anymore, give it away before it will lose its value because of being unused.


  1. Budgeting:

Setting your budget will identify where your limit is, be creative to your budget as much as possible buy cheaper price and yet usable unlike expensive and yet they will just kept it in their cabinet or closet because they have already or they don’t like your gift. And yet the purpose of giving is that you have remembered them despite how much is the cost of your gift. Stick to your budget no matter what.


  1. Prepare extra gift:

Even you have accounted your list in gift giving, sometimes you never know you forgot someone or you have a new baby nephew or niece. We never know much better to prepare for some excess before they forgot you as their relatives. Hahahah..


  1. Giving cash as a gift:

Better to exchange in the banks a new money paper ahead of time and also much better bills of 20’s and then put in small envelope in this way whatever amount you have given will be secret if the other one is smaller amount than the other. Remember? Inaanak?


10.Gave a gift to yourself:

And before you over spend your bonus don’t forget to give yourself a gift, it could be material or non it depends where you want to spend it. Spend it in a way you deserve and worth it.

ex: New gadgets, Charity, Investing in seminars like Financial Literacy, Buying your favourite stuff it depends on you.


Everything I learned is what I am want to share to everyone of you. I hope you got some tips from what I have written. If this blogs helps you may I ask to please share it to your family, friends and love ones.

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See you there!




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