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Goodbye ” CHOCOLATE ”


Written by: Christopher Torralba

Founder of:


OFW’S and Seafarer’s Families

Please READ it carefully!

I am christopher Torralba an active seafarer and I just want to share a short story about OFW’S “pasalubong ” and one of those is chocolates.

and I just wanna share what I have learned from my mentor

Capt. Christopher Cervantes ( my financial advisor ) Founder of


Actually around end of this month I am about to finish my contract onboard so I remember that when I arrived in the manila airport I need to buy a bunch of chocolate again for my relatives and families.


So before my mentality that I learned from OFW’S is to bought a chocolate for ” pasalubong ” before you go home to your family.


But suddenly this year I have another NEW goal which is to create a fund for emergencies but not for me but for my relatives which is in ” GREAT FINANCIAL NEEDS ” Whether it is amount for applying a job, lack of allowance for daily needs, hospitalization and other important basic matters that needs to be addressed in a most critical period of time.


so I since I don’t have any salary increase I think other alternative ways to produce or to save some resources not for me but for the other people instead.


so why I choose chocolate?


chocolate is just a piece of snack that we chew for a matter of seconds and after it will digest immediately to the toilet. hahahaha


and actually the average cost of chocolates in duty free in manila is around

40 dollars per bag x 3 bags = 120 $

120 $ x 46 sample exchange rate = 5, 520 pesos

5,520 x 10 years 55, 200 pesos

as you can see 10 years from now I can have a savings around 55,200 pesos  or 1,200 $

at this moment many OFW’S and seafarer’s are mocking or laughing at me what I am writing right now

but for me my heart wants to help other people who is in need so it is my compelling reason for me to start this goal this coming 2017 but actually I am about to start before this year get’s off.


sometimes I think even how many years I gave a chocolates for my relatives my situation does not have any changes like I never become a wealthy man or even to reach my financial independence it doesn’t help me either.


I also think that whether I gave something for them or none their lives continues to run and sometimes if you will gave them they will answer you in this way, ” Is this only the chocolate you have for me ? ” so I think what’s the point of giving chocolates?


but for me I much preferred to eat or dine out with them to have a quality time to hang with


so this year I decided to change my spending habits when I got home I decide to save this 5,520 per year not included the inflation for the following 10 years, instead of buying of chocolates, I will try to save it for a fund, that can be used for the emergency of my relatives or any close friends if I have. hahahaha


So for my family who disagree with my goals this year just tell me that you disagree I will gave you your chocolates but don’t expect that I have some funds to help you In any amount I can so that in this way I can cope with your lack of financial management or what we called urgent financial needs.


These are the typical urgent needs that I diligently considering why I wanted to build this fund:

  1. lack of monthly budget for basic needs
  2. lack of financial knowledge , skills and management
  3. Lack of budget in Renewal of Job documents
  4. School Tuition Fee
  5. Delayed allotment
  6. Excessive vacation
  7. Barrowing money only their lifestyle but they don’t have a plan to pay you back
  8. They don’t look for their knowledge and skills to produce an income barrowing money is their only solution to survive
  9. Hospitalization and medicine
  10. Death and burial


and one thing I want to mention probably I have funds because I am working and I have my salary but If you want to help other people you need to help yourself first, and my earnings goes to my family and me as well, my tithe and offerings, sort of investments and some important matter of basic needs but since I have a heart of compassion for the other people’s urgent needs my budget is not enough for me to help other people so I decide to remove some of my expenses which is not urgent for me, because giving a chocolates is not a need but helping other people is a need.


For my family I gave most when I got home, instead of receiving a pieces of chocolates you will be honoured and appreciated because through your cooperation I have an opportunity to help other people even in a small amount.


My sample mechanics of the fund that I plan to create:

* whoever is in great need

* We can lend if you will promise to repay for it, because these fund needs to be returned so that other people can have the opportunity to barrow some amount from us in some other time.

* Amount will be subject for basic needs purposes only, It is not created to be lend to worldly things.

* If you will not return what you have borrowed from us, expect that you cannot barrow again from us the next time you will have a financial needs.


This goals of mine is not a joke or any alibi for me not to gave a chocolates for my relatives God my creator knows my heart and mind and one of those is my intention to help other people


some of my relatives and friends known me that I have a heart of a helper in financial crisis though I am not rich but I always try to help whatever amount that I can.

So I hope my  family will cooperate with my goals this year it’s not about myself anymore but for the people who does not have the capacity to bought the stuff that they cannot bought because of their situation.


If you will cooperate with me some of these funds will proceed also to some peoples urgent financial needs but to make things clear! this amount should be “re pay” so that I can help other people some other times meaning this fund is for the purpose of helping people


other intention would be for a small charity or some street children that cannot afford to buy some food like JOLLIBEE that they cannot afford through their lifetime because of their bad situation.


in the future the usage of these fund will be posted in my social media accounts for the purpose of encouraging my fellow OFW’S and Seafarer’s how we can help other people for whatever amount that we can give.


before I go I just want to share a short story from the bible that can give you an idea how Joseph the dreamer appointed by the pharaoh of Egypt to manage the resources of the land and how to save in their time because of predicted famine in the story


Genesis 41:34-36 

Let Pharaoh appoint commissioners over the land to take a fifth of the harvest of Egypt during the seven years of abundance. They should collect all the food of these good years that are coming and store up the grain under the authority of Pharaoh, to be kept in the cities for food. This food should be held in reserve for the country, to be used during the seven years of famine that will come upon Egypt, so that the country may not be ruined by the famine.


I hope you learned something in my short story of my goal this year!

If you want to be encourage more in handling finances you may visit my official website:

Thank you and God be with you!




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