10 Secrets Tips On How To Save Money From Buying.

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10 Secrets tips on how to save money from buying.

Written By: Christopher Joseph T.Torralba


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Hi! how’s life at sea  or maybe how’s your vacation?

So I hope everything is fine.

So today I will share some thoughts on savings, but savings which has a lot of sense specially for us like a seafarers.


we often think that saving is a normal thing to do specially if you have your earring capacity. but why many of us doesn’t really understand what saving really means?


so today I will share some of my personal tips that I am practicing and have experience. that’s why some of my colleagues knows that I always have an extra not because my salary is the same like the management level officers, but some of my closed friends onboard know that I know how to save money a lot.


so here is the following tips that I can share to you, and please try to practice it and teach it to our children.


Tip # 1:

Identify if it’s a NEED or WANT?

why you need to buy some stuff that doesn’t really need urgently? if those stuff you want to buy will help you a lot to become poor in the future. why you need to buy those stuff. I never mention anything because you knew to yourself what is your needs and wants.

Warren buffet said once said!

” If you will but the things you don’t need later you will sell the things you need ”


Tip # 2:

Identify where and when to buy.

Seafarers normally disregard buying stuff or things they like in the right timing, what do I mean?

I’ve seen a lot of seafarers buying stuff they don’t need and yet later they will tell to themselves.” why did I bought you? I bought you because of my impulsive buying attitude.

My tip # 2 is one of the best practices I am doing before I bought some stuff for my personal needs.

I plan it first and search for stores where I can buy cheaper price but having the same quality.

I really don’t buy Immediately because I know some of local stores where I can buy my need that I can have the lower price rather than buying in expensive stores like shopping malls.

Now if there is a SALE in one of our well known shopping malls that’s offering a 5 -70 % discount. that is the right and exact timing to purchase the stuff that it is worth crying for, and that is the real purpose of SALE to bought it in cheaper price.

because if you will buy a stuff which is sale even up to 80 %  OFF but those stuff doesn’t consider a NEED why spend 20 % of it if it’s doesn’t need?

and this is one of my secret technique why I can make money from BUY and SELL business.


Tip # 3:

De clattering.

De clattering is one of the common saving techniques that a lot of people ignore.

Some people building their houses creating their crafts and arts came from scraps and garbage’s.

But actually in our own house we bought a lot of things even we don’t check first our old stocks.

Ex: groceries, food, and other expenses

we bought a lot of food groceries and other stuff without checking if we still have some old stocks. and later on some canned goods for example can be expired without tasting it.


Tip # 4:

Branded doesn’t mean they have all the best quality.

I can bought levis jeans in our local market named divisoria, Philippines.

Does not mean you are wearing cheaper brand or imitation means you are poor but in my opinion I will wear a dress that I can look presentable and neat that I don’t need to buy expensive or branded stuff.

I am not saying branded is bad, but not all stuff we need to buy should be branded.

and if you are possessing a lot of branded stuff at home doesn’t mean you are rich.

If your still working as an employee and that is the main source of your income and you all depend in becoming an employee you are not rich, you can consider yourself as poor or middle class.

to understand what I mean in POOR and MIDDLE CLASS

I challenge you to read the book of robert kiyosaki’s ” Cash flow quadrant ”

Because in this book you may identify if you are rich, poor or you are in the middle class.


Tip # 5:

Avoid being envy.

I know a lot of seafarers, you might say to me again, hhmmm…??? you know a lot?

I say AGAIN! I know a lot, because I work with them onboard the vessel, that’s why I knew it.

I have some colleagues onboard the vessel buying and purchasing some stuff like cars, houses & etc not because of need but because of envy to other seafarers who have it already.

When they post it to their social media some of their friends will say it in Tagalog

( Filipino language ) HHmmmmm,, buti pa sila or buti pa siya,… together with a sad emoticon.

it’s not bad to have these stuff. but here is the problem some of them working hard to bought because of envy to make it short it’s like a competition.

and sometimes when the real need arise they are prisoner of their liabilities to the point they cannot help other people even the street children that begging for some coins or food on the streets.

House is either an asset or a liability it depends how you use it.

don’t forget the word ” MORTGAGE ”

Mortgage in Latin I think Mortir If I’m not mistaken. mortir means.


You can bought a car or a house but bought a price based on your budget and ability not just to earn but the ability to pay it. because if not, instead of becoming rich it will send you to becoming a poor and will help you a lot to work onboard until you grow old isn’t AMAZING???


Tip # 6

Create your schedule in hanging out in shopping malls.

When we go to shopping malls even we don’t have an intention to buy something, shopping malls will gave you the reason to BUY!.

Because for me shopping mall means:



do I need to elaborate this deeper?

I think I don’t need too.

So much better to have your schedule and list.

IF you are on the shopping malls at your right schedule together with your list to buy. so that is the time you can buy some stuff together with spending your time with your family enjoying one of the biggest shopping mall in the world.


Tip # 7:

Don’t just buy for yourself buy also for trading and commerce.

When I am on shopping malls I don’t just buy some stuff which is my ” NEED ”

but I also buy some stuff that I can sell to my friends and colleagues.

I will bought it in a cheaper price and I will sell it to my friends with profit.

In this way I don’t just save but I also earn additional income to be thrown away to some of my paper asset investments.


Tip # 8

Repair and maintenance.

When I was a young boy I always be my father’s assistant in repair and maintenance of our house to keep it safe and tidy.

that’s why in my young age up to now I never hired a carpenter when I need some repair on our household even any stuff at home.

but If you don’t have some experience of some carpentry work probably you need to pay for carpenter that’s needs a money to flow our into your pocket.

So as much as possible repair first so that we can delay buying new stuff in our household.


Tip # 9

Create your monthly budget.

I never apply a monthly budget or using en envelope system in managing our resources every month, before I was withdraw money on my bank account and spend it. but when I learned the purpose of using a monthly budget or the envelope system in my Financial advisor Christopher Cervantes its really works!

this is my sample:

Cost of living 25,000 pesos per month consist of food, electricity, utilities and etc.

I need to be diligent in managing these amount until the next month because if not I will be in a negative cash flow.

But when you use this technique you will be amazed because every month there will be some left amount in your envelope that can be used to add in your investments or to bought a stuff you loved.

One of my tips to save in your monthly expenses is in FOOD budget.

we practice to buy less amount of meat and large amount of vegetables instead of cooking large portion or meat we just cook small amount and add some vegetables.

Its more healthier and you can save some amount of money from it.


Tip # 10


Giving is a word which is boring to the people  doesn’t practice to give.

But Giving is a command form God. though we still have a free of will.

better to give than nothing, giving is sowing and sowing could lead into reaping in the future.

Check this out this non sense story of a poor widow in the Bible about giving.

and I think no one can do this immediately that’s why she became popular in the bible stories.



LUKE 21: 1 And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.   2 And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites.   3 And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all:  4 For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God:  but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.






I hope you learn some of my tips on how you can save a lot of money before buying your stuff.

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” It will be your loss ”


PS: A true friend will tell the truth not lies.


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God bless you!


To your new and exciting  journey,

Christopher Torralba

Founder of http://cecventures.com/


BOMB ( Boss of my own Business )



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