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This book is shorter, written in plain words in an easy

to digest concepts. Filled with advice based on sound financial principles. If you want to learn a great number of useful things about life and money in a relatively painless manner, this is the right book for you.

– Christopher Cervantes / Master Mariner


The book “A Seafarers Financial Compass” will definitely help you to multiply your income while working as a seafarer thereby able to retire early and enjoy life with your family loved-ones.

– Engineer Rich Magpantay / Electrician

This book will gives us knowledge and ideas on how we can best manage our earnings and expenses on a balanced, systematic, and well-productive ways which can lead us for the better future not only for as a seafarer him/herself, but also for their families, relatives, friends, and those others who are in great needs.

 – Remar Llanes  / Able Seaman

That is a good book you made …however, in every problem, there is a solution.

– BLITZ SOLIDUM / Electrician

It’s a good book especially for a newly seafarer’s so that they can start in their investments and It can give you a lot of idea in business and investments.

– Edgardo flores / Bosun

To understand best what young seafarers even OFWs are facing when it comes to handling their money, a book like “A Seafarer’s Financial Compass” is a good book to read, very timely as we start a new year to get educated. You will learn various method on how to grow and multiply your hard earned money. Kudos to Christopher Torralba for coming up with this book.

– John Agustino / Master Mariner

Many of today’s seafarers continue to struggle financially. It’s not because of lack of opportunities, but due to lack of initiative in creating passive income for themselves. Christopher has bravely laid out the many ways that one can build wealth in this book. It’s a handy and inspirational guide for seafarers that can help them find their way back home.

 – FITZ VILLAFUERTE / Blogger / Financial Advisor

Life is really unpredictable. Only God knows when and how we’ll end in this world we’re living. But unlike a normal person, being a seafarer is far riskier. The constant pressure onboard and the dangerous workplace put our life on the line. The uncertainty of life on board made the saying “a ship is a floating coffin”. That is why investments and savings are really necessary for us, not just for ourselves but also for our family that we’re leaving behind. This book contains loads of information on how to manage your hard earned money. With its simple yet informative contents, a normal person should be able to understand how investments and savings could help you in putting up a good future. As for me, it taught me not to be anxious about tomorrow by saving and investing your money instead of spending it unwisely. It also gave me some points on how, where and what type of business and investment to begin with. The bible verses were also encouraging for our spiritual prosperity as well. And most of all it made me realize that while we still have time to sow, we should act at once so that when the time comes, we will have something to reap. Therefore I recommend this book to all people who look forward to their future. Let’s plan what to do, and do what we plan.

– JAMES GLORIA AUTHOR / Second Officer

“If you have never thought about your future, I mean seriously think about it, then this book is perfect for you. Christopher got it on point in letting his readers realize how important it is to multiply your income and not just rely on what you are getting from your employer. Before I got to read this, I never thought about multiplying my income, I only knew about passive income and I thought the majority of the opportunities are farfetched for me. In this book, Christopher gave me hope and made me realize that multiplying income is indeed for everybody. He opened doors for me that I never knew existed.”

– NIZZA GUECO / Freelancer

“A Seafarer’s Financial Compass is a nice read, here is the need for our new heroes of our countrymen such as seafarer’s & OFW’s and how our hard earned money may work for us and multiply more in our earnings in the future. So that in due time we don’t need to leave our families to go abroad again “

– Remigio Ocampo / Stock Market Investor / Trader

First of all I would like to thank you Christopher Torralba for sharing your knowledge with me about how to multiply our income, well this contains a lot of idea and information to multiply and manage our money and now I will start to invest and to save my money for the future of my family and again thank you to your wonderful eBook.

– Mark Anthony Gunio / Ordinary Seaman

Your book is very inspirational and very helpful sa mga seaman na katulad ko. I admire you for exemplary talents and guts for sharing and educating seamen and OFW Regarding financial literacy.

– Jose Inamarga / Chief Engineer

“The ability to make our income grow after working for so many years abroad  puts  us  one   step   higher   in   the      game   of  life. Christopher’s  comprehensive  book showcases  tried and   tested   formula   that  most  Filipnos can    apply for them to achieve  financial freedom.This book is a must-have for every success driven seafarer and OFW.”

                                                                          – Minette Javier /OFW/ Nurse




Christopher  Torralba  is  an  active  seafarer   in   tanker   vessel  since   2007   and   he  is  Currently  serving   Interorient Navigation Company Philippines. He Studied Bachelor in Science in Maritime Transportation and he graduated at Philippine Maritime Institute at the year 2006.

During his years as a seafarer, he realized that the lives of some seafarers are most likely to end up in  endless  cycles  if  they  don’t  start  learning  how  to  multiply  their  income. He  didn’t  want  to  be a part  of  that , he  wanted to spend more time  for  his family  but he  also   wanted   to  secure  a  good  future  for his  wife  and  daughter.  That is how he ventured into multiplying his income and looked for ways to secure a better future for his family.

Now, he wrote this book and he is sharing his secret, all you have to do is start reading.


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